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A Love Match, Indeed!


Edward found himself captivated by Lady Anne's animated face. It was genuine. She had laugh lines around her eyes when she smiled that marked her inclination for mirth or perhaps revealed that she did not subscribe to all the creams and concoctions that were so fashionable among the bon ton. He thought she was genuinely engaged in her conversation with the Duke of Hartford. Her eyes sparkled with delight as though everything his grace spoke was of significant importance. Edward had plenty of experience with women who played at being interested in what he had to say and he knew a real conversation when he saw it. The moment reminded him of the conversations he had enjoyed with Elinor discussing literature, music and even some theological debates. He smiled remembering their sometimes-heated discussions. He was still smiling when he saw Lady Anne arch one of her eyebrows and direct him an amused look that shocked him out of his reverie.

"Damn!" thought Edward. "Does the minx think I am flirting with her?" Edward gave a nod to Lady Anne and then turned to speak to the neglected Vicar Stevens who flanked his left side.

Lady Anne wondered why Lord Felton was scrutinizing her. She was well aware that he had been observing her, but enough was enough. His lengthy perusal would soon bring speculation upon her character and she thought it best that she check his behavior. She turned her head to look directly at him and raised her brow. She smiled realizing that Lord Felton was woolgathering, daydreaming and probably unaware that his focus had been placed on her. She saw him flush when his mien returned to the present and she was quite pleased to see him nod in discomfiture. She returned his nod and, like Lord Felton, turned her head to converse with her neighbor.


Discussion Questions for A Love Match, Indeed!

1. Edward has promised his uncle that he will begin his "nursery" to produce an heir to carry on the title. How important is it in today's society for men to bear sons to carry on the family name and/or business?

2. Lady Anne feared Edward only wanted to take advantage of her. Historically, a single woman's virtue or lack of it marked her character as either pure or unpure. Has society evolved its opinion of female integrity in respect to her sexuality?

3. Bell, beautiful and endowered was deemed unsuitable for an arisocratic marriage until it was learned her father, a man who made his money through trade, was dead. How much do you think does, a parent's character or line of business, influence one's decision to enter into matrimony?