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Welcome to my web site. You will find descriptions of my latest historical romance novels and some tidbits of England's Regency Period. I love to write romance novels and England's rich history, culture, and landscape provides a perfect backdrop for my characters. England's historic rules for social etiquette and stations of class allow me to pen novels that are full of entertainment. I hope you enjoy my characters' tribulations, wit, and banter as they find their way to making a "love match."




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Duelling has gone on for centuries. Kings allowed their knights to settle their disputes on the jousting field to let divine oversight, where God saw right triumphed, settle the matter. The notion the victor of the battle was "right and just" continued and by the seventeenth century, knights jousting for glory were replaced by gentlemen duelling for honor.

A gentleman's honor and that of his family were sacred. Any man sullying either of them was called to account else the slander was accepted as truth. The injured gentleman had no choice but to challenge the accuser to a duel, lest he and his family be slurred upon or caste out of polite society. Duels were the only way for a gentleman to retrieve his reputation among his peers. The same was true for the accuser, lest he be called a liar and coward. Be it swords or duelling pistols, blood was drawn to determine the just. While a master swordsman could control where he inflicted a wound, pistols were not precise and usually resulted in the death if not one, then both combatants; unless the duellists missed their marks, their pistols misfired, or the they deloped to satisfy honor, then they might walk away unharmed.

to deliberately shoot into the air during a duel in order to miss one's opponent to end a duel. (Effective only if both duellists delope.)





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Always Rebecca

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Rebecca Barrington faced ruin until she met and married Lord Harry Bolton. Now, to reach for a happy-ever-after she must travel to London’s prestigious Mayfair and be presented to the ton as Mrs. Harry Bolton. She is reluctant to make her debut and even more fearful her secret will be ferreted out. Can she endure the ton’s censure and scorn; and even more importantly, can her marriage survive once her secret is revealed?

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Book One and Two of The Reluctant Series

Richard Bolton, the Earl of Belcrave discovers his younger son Harry married the common Miss Rebecca Barrington and sends his eldest son, Thomas, Viscount Bolton to bring the newlyweds to London. Not only does the girl lack title and fortune, but she is responsible for the duel that caused her father’s death and brother’s exile. Belcrave is incensed to find scandal attached to the Bolton name and plans to rectify the situation.

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A Reluctant Debut

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