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Welcome to my web site. You will find descriptions of my latest historical romance novels and some tidbits of England's Regency Period. I love to write romance novels and England's rich history, culture, and landscape provides a perfect backdrop for my characters. England's historic rules for social etiquette and stations of class allow me to pen novels that are full of entertainment. I hope you enjoy my characters' tribulations, wit, and banter as they find their way to making a "love match."




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Press Gangs:
During the Napoleonic Wars, Britain had a hard time recruiting seamen to serve in the Royal Navy where only officers benefited from prize money. There was little incentive to serve. Life aboard ship was hard work, severe discipline, poor food, and menial pay. However, impressment was a precedent that Parliament had no qualms to implement in order to man their warships. Press gangs were made up of two to twenty men who prowled the harbor taverns, or other gathering spots with their clubs and cutlasses to abduct as many able-bodied seamen they could find. Their tactics were ruthless, as their motivation was the coin they earned. Their view of an able-bodied seaman was flexible, so any man between the age of 18 and 55 was at risk when the press gangs went hunting. Even though property owners were suppose to be exempt, history books are filled with stories of unwilling men, from vagrants to men of means, who were cudgeled, handcuffed, put into a rowboat and placed in the hold of a frigate to serve their country.

impressment: the act or policy of seizing people or property for public service or use.

press gangs

"Attic Miscellany. Manning the Navy" S. Collings 1790


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Miss Christina Rothsborn was thoroughly embarrassed when a push to her back sent her tumbling into the hands of Captain Jason Brentwood. She apologized profusely to the gentleman she admired since she was eight, until she realized the captain did not remember her.

Christina's flash of temper amused Jason, especially after he had performed gallantly to save her from hitting the pavement. His amusement quickly turned to interest when he discovered Miss Rothsborn was the daring child he met in his youth.

Christina knew she was too low-born to be anything more than a passing fancy for Jason. His father, the Duke of Aubry would never condone a union between them, much less their keeping company with one another. But what is a girl to do when the man of her dreams wishes to court her? More importantly, what will the duke do when he discovers their courtship?