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Welcome to my web site. You will find descriptions of my latest historical romance novels and some tidbits of England's Regency Period. I love to write romance novels and England's rich history, culture, and landscape provides a perfect backdrop for my characters. England's historic rules for social etiquette and stations of class allow me to pen novels that are full of entertainment. I hope you enjoy my characters' tribulations, wit, and banter as they find their way to making a "love match."




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Gentlemen turned their attention to the wily fox for sport around the middle of the eighteenth century when the enclosure of common land began to diminish England’s deer population. Before then, the hunting of foxes was associated with the lower sections of society who received awards by their local parishes to destroy them until sports enthusiasts made foxhunting a national winter past time. Unlike deer hunting where the goal was to find and kill the deer, foxhunting was all about the chase. Gentlemen loved to have their horsemanship and daredevil skills tested by racing across grassland and jumping hedgerows and other natural barriers to race after the fox. By the early 19th century, the modern foxhunt was all about fast horses, fast hounds, and a wily fox. Thoroughbred horses became the mount of choice, and foxhounds were bred for speed and stamina. The private sport soon turned into a public one, with proceedings to abide by, when people began to travel from other regions to join the hunt.

The Enclosure Acts
During the 18th century, enclosures were regulated by Parliament; a separate Act of Enclosure was required for each village who wished to enclose its land into separate smaller fields. In 1801, Parliament passed a General Enclosure Act, enabling any village, where three-quarters of the landowners agreed, to enclose its land.




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Always Rebecca

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Her father’s grief after losing his wife was a constant reminder why Alicia did not want to fall in love. She was even more resolute to marry for convenience when sparks ignited between her and an infuriating and handsome American named Kevin Donahue. The man was too much of a temptation and in a panic she singled out the eligible and receptive Lord Summers with her attention.

Kevin wasn’t fooled. As far as he was concerned, fate already matched him with Alicia, but can he convince a very reluctant lady to marry him for love, before she marries for convenience?

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Book One of The Reluctant Series

The Honorable Alicia Deneham’s mother passed away at an age when she should have been learning how to flirt and polish those graces all debutantes aspire to secure a husband. Instead, she was learning how to breed thoroughbred race horses and excel at those talents polite society considered mannish. She never planned to marry until circumstances forced her to join the marriage mart.

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